Aaradhanai Geethangal – “Tamil Transliterated to English” Song Book


Compilation of 1500 Tamil songs transliterated to English. Printed on Bible paper for optimized thickness.


Word From the Publisher

It is an undeniable fact that songs have always influenced human lives everywhere. In joy and in sorrow, in health and in sickness, in victory and in failure, in separation and in death and at all times, spiritual songs bring comfort, joy and peace in to our lives. The importance of songs is clearly seen in the Holy Scriptures. Servants of God in both Old & New Testament era worshiped the Lord with sprit – filled songs.

The songs included in this book, are living testimonies of many saints of different times. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, they scripted these songs from their own experiences. No doubt almost all songs in this book may be familiar to the elderly people living abroad. However. the younger generation, especially the children born in foreign countries, do not know to read and write Tamil due to lack of exposure to the same. Keeping this in mind this song book has been compiled entirely in English script.

For nearly 34 years I have been living in Chennai, India. I perceived the fact that my children were facing the practical difficulty in using Malayalam in their worship and their participation was limited. This very thought led me to the venture of publishing Malayalam songs transliterated to English, two decade ago. This effort was really successful and thousands of Malayalees are using our song book throughout the world.

Recently the spirit of the Lord inspired me that there are millions of Tamilians living abroad who cannot read Tamil script. Why not publish a similar book? This is the reason behind publishing this song book. We are delighted to present to you a compilation of 1500 Tamil songs transliterated to English. Worship songs – Romanized Version.

I pray to the Almighty Lord that this song book be useful to all Tamil speaking youngsters living abroad, also for those who can’t read tamil. We hope that these songs will be a valuable asset in enabling you to give honor and glory to the king of kings and Lord of Lords.

In His Service,

Pr. C.I. George

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